Toadstool clinic


Ensuring medical care for the invisible women and children of Afghanistan
The origins of the Toadstool Clinic
Toadstool Clinic is a network of international and local Afghan medical experts who have collaborated to provide medical care for Afghan refugees in limbo, and Afghans displaced within Afghanistan after the Taliban takeover.
Afghanistan now
No medical care for women
The Taliban now prohibits women and girls from receiving medical care from male practitioners.
Women can't work as doctors or nurses
Women doctors and nurses were fired en masse at the start of the Taliban takeover.

After their takeover of Afghanistan in August 2021, the Taliban prohibited education of women and girls; this was followed by eliminating the right to WORK outside the home, then the right to be VISIBLE outside the home, the right to be PRESENT without male supervision and the final indignity, the right to medical care other than by female practitioners, all of whom were fired, imprisoned or worse shortly after the Taliban takeover.

Case study

Fareshta’s lifesaving neurosurgery

Farestha* is a 5 year old Afghan girl suffering from brain cancer. She had a large tumor pressing on her optic nerve and the part of her brain responsible for the suck-swallow reflex.

She was immobile, emaciated, suffering from extreme malbournishment and  progressive blindness that would steal her sight permanently within months if the tumor was not removed. Toadstool stabilized her, got her healthy enough to survive surgery, then to a neighboring country for successful neurosurgery. She is now a completely different child, recovering back in Afghanistan, even able to play again with her siblings.

* Names and images have been changed to protect the families.

we need your help

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International hospital networks (South Asia, Middle East, Europe and US)
Medevac operations
Pharmaceutical and medical supplies
Travel sponsors for patients and family members